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At home patient services

Mobile Specimen Collection and Laboratory Delivery 

Let the Laboratory come to you 

An experienced healthcare professional can serve you at the comfort of your home or in office.

24/7 Accommedation 

We can be reached 24/7 holidays and weekends included. We accommodate you anytime anywhere. 

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How this works 

Easy Scheduling 

Call or text your name, type of test , date and time you would like to be serviced. An experienced professional will come to your location of choice. 

Quality service 

We understand the importance of excellent service. Once scheduled, you'll receive a notification letting you know someone is on their way to your scheduled appointment. 

Laboratory Delivery 

Once specimen collection is complete, we will process and deliver your specimen to their designated laboratory for testing. Routine blood testing and drug testing will be sent to providers or employer. 

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